Handi-Clean Traction Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner/Treatment (Pack of 4/1-Gallon)

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    Application: Vinyl, Linoleum, Terrazzo, Marble, Epoxy
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    Handi-Clean Traction Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner/Treatment (Pack of 4/1-Gallon) - FSP4

    TRACTION™ is a product manufactured using a unique proprietary process which yields a highly effective floor cleaner and treatment. It has been designed to meet a critical need in the market place for a product that would effectively clean heavily soiled floors and simultaneously leave a slip resistant coating on the floor. TRACTION™ increases the coefficient of friction thereby producing safer floors. May be used to clean and maintain acrylic polymer floor finishes as well as synthetic and carnauba based floor waxes.

    The effectiveness of TRACTION™ as to slip resistance has been verified and classified by Underwriters Laboratories. When applied as directed by the product label, TRACTION™ will create a floor with a better coefficient of friction producing a safer floor surface.

    TRACTION™ in concentrated form has a pH of 9.0 and is powerful enough for even the toughest oil and soil conditions. As the product works, the pH reverts to a neutral 7.0, leaving the floor surface cleaned, slip treated and neutral with no alkali residues or traces to attack the floor surfaces or produce slippery soaps when water is spilled on floor later.

    Only a few ounces of TRACTION™ per gallon of water are necessary to effectively clean and treat most floor surfaces. Even heavily soiled or oiled floors will be quickly cleaned with TRACTION™. TRACTION™ also has a built-in foam control system to minimize sudsing and reduce the clogging of automatic scrubber recovery systems.

    For use with automatic scrubbers: Dilute 1-2 ounces of TRACTION™ per gallon cold water and red or white pad.

    For wet mopping: Dilute 2-4 ounces TRACTION™ to 1 gallon cold water. Submerge mop in solution and leave mop dripping wet. Scrub 10' x 10' area with mop. Wait about 5 minutes. Rinse mop in bucket to clean mop. Wring mop dry and damp mop TRACTION™ solution off floor in 10' x 10' area. Repeat to finish floor area.

    Use for Gloss Restoration of Finished Floors

    Mop on: Mixture 8 ounces TRACTION™ per gallon of cold water, let dry, buff entire area with 1,000-2,000+ RPM burnisher.

    Spray on: 1 part TRACTION™ to 10 parts cold water mixture with a trigger sprayer in front of 1,000+ RPM burnisher to restore gloss. Make several passes over area for maximum restoration.

    Use On Surfaces With Finishes

    • Cleans And Treats
    • Improves Traction
    • Self Neutralizing
  • Product Notes
    TRACTION™ is not recommended for use on unglazed quarry tile, ceramic tile and similar surfaces because those surfaces usually attract silica stains, hard water stains and minerals which plug the surface pores making the floors slippery. TRACTION™ does not remove hard water stains. KALISITE® containing floor products are recommended for these surfaces.
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Application: Vinyl, Linoleum, Terrazzo, Marble, Epoxy
Brand: Handi-Clean
Container Size: 1 Gallon
Container Type: Canister
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Liquid
Product Type: Floor Cleaner
Ready to Use/Concentrated: Concentrated
Water Solubility: Complete
Weight: 46.00 lbs