Eaters V Live Bio-Active Cultures  (5 gl pl)



Plumeria Eliminator Odor Neutralizer, Concentrate, pints (dz)
Plumeria Eliminator Odor Neutralizer, Concentrate, pints (dz)

Eaters V Live Bio-Active Cultures (5 gl pl)

Eaters V is a stable, liquid suspension of spores and vegetative microorganisms capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats, and cellulose as well as vegetable gums

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    EATERS is our best selling product. This liquid waste degrader contains live, bio-active cultures to eat through the very worst fat, sludge and grease backups. It digests complex proteins, starches, scum, sewage and so much more that commonly causes problems in drain lines
    EATERS can be poured manually into drains or used in conjunction with our time released system. With billions of tiny cultures ready to attack germ-ridden areas, EATERS is incredibly effective in high traffic areas, urinals, commodes, sinks and more. In addition, this product can even be used on pet odors on carpets!
    We're proud of EATERS' versatility and understand why this continues to be one of our best-selling products.

    Color: Opaque
    Appearance: Slightly Turbid Liquid
     Odor: Pleasant Citral
    Ph: Neutral Range
    Effective PH Range: 6.0-8.5
     Effective Temperature Range: 55-1000
     Bacterial Strains (3): Detergent Digesting, Paper Digesting, Grease & Oil Digesting
    Eaters V-Tech Sheet.pdf
    Eaters V-SDS Sheet.pdf