Handi-Clean Rx Orange Gum Remover, Drain Treatment & Degreaser, 8 oz (Case of 24)

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    Item Number: DSW786
    Application: Drain Treatment
    Fragrance: Orange
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    Handi-Clean Rx Orange Gum Remover, Drain Treatment & Degreaser, 8 oz (Case of 24) - DSW786

    RX Orange is our low pH drain treatment, gum and adhesive remover. Its blend of orange turpenens and surfactants make it a highly effective degreaser, as well as deodorizer. RX Orange is a biodegradable solvent that is water emulsible. Controls malodors in drain lines, grease traps, and dumpsters. Its natural orange fragrance leaves a pleasant orange aroma while it keeps drains and traps open and free of grease build up. RX Orange contains no dye, but when added to water the product turns milky white. As an extra added tip, leave in drain line over night to walk into fresh smell of oranges in the morning.

    Technical Data

    Color: Clear
    Water Soluble: Complete
    Fragrance: Strong Orange
    Degreaser: Excellent
    Flash Point: 1250 F
    Boiling Point: 190 C


    SECTION 313 – This product does not contain a chemical, which is listed in Section 313 above de minimis concentrations (40 CFR 372).

    CERCLA Information – Releases of this product to air, land, or water are not reportable under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (40 CFR 302.4).

    RCRA Information – When this product becomes a waste, it is classified as nonhazardous waste under Resource Conservation and Recover Act (40 CFR 261).

    What's included:

    • 8 oz (24 Cases)


    • RX Orange
    • Removes gum and adhesives
    • Can be used in dumpsters and garbage cans
    • Dilute with water to use a spray deodorizer as well
  • Direction for Use
    Direction for Use:

    Use where drain lines or grease traps are slow or stopped by grease and slime buildup, pour in 8 oz and allow to stand for 30-40 minutes. Flush with hot water from the tap. Follow weekly with additional 2-8 ounces depending on size of trap or drain line, grease and odor.

    For use on odors: Problems such as dumpsters, garbage cans, trash piles, etc., mix 2-4 ounces with a gallon of water and spray directly on odor problem.

    To remove gum: Use full strength directly on gum and let set 3 minutes. Remove with putty knife.

    For adhesives: Apply full strength to area with a rag or sponge. Gently rub adhesive away.

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