Handi-Clean Touch Free Automatic Dispenser (Wall Mount)

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    Handi-Clean Touch Free Automatic Dispenser (Wall Mount) - AC-VG-WLMNT
    Stay free of germs with our contact-less, wall mount dispenser. This product releases sanitizer as you place your hand under the sensor, reducing cross-contamination while also keeping you sanitized and safe. Pair it with our sanitizers (AGASAN-GELS4 and ARMCH001) or our Antimicrobial Hand Soap (JAN108).

    Each unit comes with a unique key to open up your dispenser and refill sanitizer. Simply pour in, close and lock. Our dispensers release the perfect amount of sanitizer to help promote good hand hygiene.

    Requires 4x C Batteries (not included)

    Shipping not included.


    • Touch-free
    • Automated
    • Portable
    • Sleek Design
    • Key Lock
    • Refillable
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