Handi-Clean Odor Blaster II Linen - D8110 at Handi Clean

Handi-Clean Odor Blaster II Linen

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    Item Number: D8110
    Application: All scenarios where malodors need to be removed
    Fragrance: Linen
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    Handi-Clean Odor Blaster II Linen - D8110

    Linen Odor Blaster is a long-lasting water-based air refresher works wonders on the most offensive malodors - smoke, mildew, refuse, etc. You can even add it to your mop water to help freshen up any room. The amazing fragrance of Linen can be used in any way that a deodorizer is needed.

    Perfect for Use in

    • Apartments
    • Kennels
    • Banks
    • Hospitals
    • Churches
    • Nursing Homes
    • Offices
    • Waiting Rooms
    • Schools
    • Garbage Pails
    • Locker Rooms
    • Automobiles
    • Restrooms
    • Meeting Rooms


    Isopropyl Alcohol, Purified Water, Proprietary Fragrance
    NO Volatile Organic Compounds * NO Petroleum Distillates

    What's included:

    • Quart Bottles (12)
    • Trigger Sprayers (2)


    • Instant Liquid Spray
    • Ready To Use
    • Deodorizes
    • Remains Active
    • Water-Based
    • Multiple Uses
    • Effective On All Types Of Malodors
    • Economical
  • Direction for Use
    Direction for Use:
    FOR STALE AIR/UNDESIRABLE ODORS: Hold container upright and spray around room or area to be deodorized.

    FOR RESTROOMS: Spray around fixtures and in corners.

    FOR LIGHT CLEANING: Spray small amount on rag, rub surfaces.

    DEODORIZE MOP WATER: Add up to one oz per gallon.

    ADD TO CLEANER: Add up to four oz per gallon to any cleaner to remove water and musty odors or smoke odors from surfaces to be cleaned.
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Application: All scenarios where malodors need to be removed
Brand: Handi-Clean
Container Size: 1 Quart
Container Type: Bottle
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Liquid
Fragrance: Linen
Product Type: Deodorants
Weight: 29.00 lbs