Handi-Clean Deep Reflections Floor Finish (5 Gallon Container)

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    Application: All types of floors
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    Handi-Clean Deep Reflections Floor Finish (5 Gallon Container) - F5403-E

    Deep Reflections is formulated as a high solids, high quality industrial and institutional floor finish. It will give the user a very balanced performance when applied to a properly prepared surface. It will adhere to most finishes therefore eliminating stripping when changing to Deep Reflections.


    Sweep the floor as necessary, depending on type and amount of traffic, to keep grit off the floor. Effective cleaning will lengthen the life of the finish. Damp mopping will effectively clean the finish and maintain its gloss. Use neutral and synthetic type cleaners, avoid cleaners with ammonia or solvents as they may strip the finish.

    Care should be exercised in the choice and usage of mop treating solutions. Some have oils which may cause improper adhesion for repair coats. Spray machine buffing will enhance the gloss and hardness of this finish and will give the user a freshly polished look for much longer periods of time. If signs of wear develop, restore with the application of repair coats, specially in high traffic areas.

    What's included:

    • 5 Gallon Pail (1)


    • High Gloss
    • Detergent Resistant
    • Long Wearability
    • Recoatable
    • Spray Buffable
  • Direction for Use
    Direction for Use:

    Apply this finish with a clean string mop or applicator spreading in a full uniform coat and allow to dry thoroughly. Allow 20 to 30 minutes minimum drying time. High humidity regions require longer times between coats.

    Surface should be clean and dry before application. Any excess build up of wax or finishes should be removed. If re-coating, be sure to remove excessive scuffs and/or black heel marks.

    This product can be used on almost all types of resilient floors. If the floor is porous, for best results, use two coats sealer and two coats DEEP REFLECTIONS. For good, non-porous surfaces, use three coats of DEEP REFLECTIONS. For re-coating, one coat of DEEP REFLECTIONS should perform well.

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Application: All types of floors
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