Handi-Clean Carpet Prep & Spotter (Pack of 4/1-Gallon)

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    Item Number: F4362
    Application: Carpet
    Fragrance: Mild Fragrance
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    Handi-Clean Carpet Prep & Spotter (Pack of 4/1-Gallon) - F4362

    Extensive research has resulted in a Carpet Spotter that is a unique blend of surfactants with water and organic solvents that are effective on oil and water based stains. Years of field-testing this product have proven its capability to remove most stain.

    Carpet Prep and Spotter works on oil and water based stains and is designed to be used to remove spots on carpets caused by grease, tar, oil, crayons, soils and dirt. Use daily, between and before cleaning carpets.

    Test on obscure area to make sure color is not affected.

    Technical Data

    Appearance: Liquid
    Color: Clear
    Odor: Mild Fragrance
    Flammability: None @ Boil
    Solubility In Water: Complete
    pH: 12.8
    Contains: Surfactants, detergent builders, isopropyl alcohol, water softeners, sodium metasilicate, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, water, perfume.

    What's included:

    • Four 1 Gallon Bottles
  • Direction for Use
    Direction for Use:

    As a Prep: Before cleaning, spray spots and/or stains immediately before cleaning. Spray traffic areas lightly.

    As a Spot remover: Remove any grease, tar, crayon, etc. by using putty knife or absorbent material. Spray area well. Blot with clean absorbent cloth. A second treatment may be needed if any soil remains.

  • Product Notes

    Not Recommended For 5Th Generation Carpets (5th Generation carpets are those made with stain resistant fibers warrantied by manufacture).

    Not recommended for use on: DuPont’s Stainmaster, Monsanto’s Stainblocker, Allied Chemical’s Anso V Worry Free, or on any stain resistant fiber.

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Application: Carpet
Flammable: No
Brand: Handi-Clean
Color: Clear
Container Size: 1 Gallon
Container Type: Canister
Country of Origin: USA
Form: Liquid
Fragrance: Mild Fragrance
Product Type: Carpet Cleaner
Ready to Use/Concentrated: Ready to Use
Water Solubility: Complete
Weight: 38.00 lbs