Summer Essentials
Keep Your Facility Fresh, Clean, and Bug-Free with Handi-Clean's Solutions

Summer is here, bringing sunshine, warmth, and a host of new cleaning challenges. 

At Handi-Clean, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch, eco-friendly solutions to keep your facilities spotless, fresh, and safe. Discover our innovative products that are perfect for tackling the unique demands of the summer season, from mosquito control to maintaining HVAC efficiency and creating inviting, fresh-smelling environments.

Eliminate Odors 
and Deter Pests

Dumpsters can quickly become a summer nightmare with odors and pests. Handi-Clean Dumpster Relief is specifically designed to tackle this issue, eliminating foul smells and deterring pests with its powerful, eco-friendly formula.

Perfect for restaurants, condos, and any facility with outdoor waste areas, ensuring a clean and odor-free environment.

Eco-Friendly Odor Solutions

Say goodbye to aluminum can waste with Handi-Clean’s Inspair Wafers. These lightweight, fiberboard wafers come in delightful tropical scents like Island Breeze, Endless Summer, Margarita, Pina Colada, and Hawaiian Mist. Perfect for maintaining a fresh, inviting atmosphere in any facility..

Keep hotel lobbies, office restrooms, and school hallways smelling fresh and welcoming all summer long with Inspair Wafers

Drain Maintainer 

and Odor Eliminator

Keeping drains clear and odor-free is crucial, especially in the summer. Handi-Clean's Eaters is a powerful drain maintainer and odor eliminator that digests grease and other waste, effectively preventing clogs and eliminating drain flies. With live bioactive cultures, Eaters is an eco-friendly solution for maintaining your facility’s plumbing systems.

Ideal for use in restaurant kitchens, hospital cafeterias, and any facility with busy plumbing systems, ensuring smooth operation and a pleasant environment.​

Bug-Free Summer

Summer can bring unwelcome guests in the form of mosquitoes. Our "Bug Off" Mosquito Repellent Wipes are the perfect solution for keeping these pests at bay. These wipes are easy to use, effective, and safe for various environments, including daycares, schools, and outdoor areas of hotels and condos.

Keep the buzz at bay and imagine an outdoor event free from the nuisance of mosquitoes, thanks to "Bug Off" Wipes.

Ready to elevate your facility’s summer maintenance routine?

Handi-Clean is committed to taking your facility to the next level of cleanliness and safety this summer. Our range of eco-friendly, innovative products ensures that you can tackle seasonal challenges effectively while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. From mosquito control and drain maintenance to odor elimination and comprehensive cleaning solutions, Handi-Clean has everything you need for a fresh, clean, and safe summer.

Managing Pests & Odors in Hot Weather
Maintain a pleasant environment for everyone who visits your facility