America works best when EVERYBODY works 

Handi-Clean Products, Inc. originally known as Handi-Capped Associates is an organization founded in 1953 by the late Paul A. Harper. Being a disabled veteran of World War II and experiencing the difficulties of finding gainful employment for himself and his family. 

Mr. Harper had a dream that all physically handicapped persons should have an opportunity to prove to the world that it is abilities that count, not disabilities. With this idea firmly in mind, he founded the organization known today as Handi-Clean Products, Inc. 

Although Mr. Harper passed away, his dream lives on in the hearts and minds of many physically handicapped people throughout our organization. To produce and/or distribute the finest maintenance products available.

Mission & Vision

To provide an environment where there are cooperative attitudes characterized by trust, creativity, resourcefulness, talent, and enthusiasm, a place where employees and associates enjoy doing their jobs well and take pride in themselves, their work, and their company.

To continue hiring physically handicapped people and to take excellent care of everyone associated with Handi-Clean.

To keep our facilities and equipment in excellent repair, clean, free of hazards, and operating efficiently.

To supply error-free products and services and to provide constant help along with training to our customers for the correct use of our products.

To continue supporting our disaster fund and family foundation so they may make life easier for those people needing assistance.

Our Ultimate Goal And Desire is to make Handi-Clean Products an incredible place to work and to buy maintenance products. We want to be a role model for our industry; a place where employees and associates all work together for a common goal - To make a family with the knowledge and belief that we are the best.