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Feature Products

BIG DAWG BIO-REMEDIATION DEGREASER (CONCENTRATE) uses microbes, enzymes and oxygen to biologically transform hydrocarbons into non-toxic substances carbon dioxide and water. It increases the surface area of the oil while the enzymes break down the contaminants into smaller molecules. The enzymes then attract the microbes which use oxygen to oxidize part of the carbon in oil to carbon dioxide. The rest of the carbon is used to produce new cells and the oxygen gets reduced, producing water. Once the reaction is complete, the enzymes and microbes break free to attach to another hydrocarbon source in order to repeat the same reaction.

Recognized – By the EPA’s DfE Program as a safe alternative to chemicals without sacrificing performance.

Listed – On the U.S. EPA National Contingency Plan (“NCP”) Product Schedule.

Approved – For food processing and food service facilities (A-1, A-4).

Also available: Big Dawg Bio-Remediation (Foaming) Degreaser.

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